[I consider that the book "The Nightmare Clinic" is truly sickening, racist and sadistic. I do not know its publication date, but it is without doubt between the wars, and considering the style, nearer 1914 - 18 than 1940.


The author's signature is JV with the description "Sado-Maso"


However, I must acknowledge that there is one chapter, the only one in the book, which treats the lacing of a corset astonishingly well. It is one of the best taxts on the corset: sensual, describing well the mixture of fear and desire, constraint and pleasure.






[Maguy has just been whipped and violated.
Below is the complete chapter on her being corseted.]




Maguy Severely Corseted


"Pity, Sir! Pardon!"


"It's no more Sir" cut the doctor cut in dryly, "Call me Master and these ladies Mistress. Because you are now just a mere slave, a dog, but, however, you are not yet trained; and I am going to apply a little treatment which works well I know.

"Pierre, fetch me the corset!"


"Oh! No, Master, please don't torture me any more!


"Enough!" replied d'Arban with a smile of satisfaction, "I am going to change your body, compress it, model it and mould it to my taste. When the end result has been achieved, your spirit will be subjugated to my desires as well. 'Work on the body to force the brain to obey' as Sacher Masoch said."


The door opened and Pierre returned carrying a large dress mannequin completely sheathed in white silk. The slave, crowded into a corner, could no longer percieve what he was doing, but once the mannequin was put in position, she could see that it was wearing the corset destined for herself. So strange was this corset and its attachments that it made her doubt that it was for her; imagine a very long sheath of pale blue silk, long, very long... The slave thought that it would be impossible to imprison her body in this casing, and that her waist could never be reduced to so small a circumference, and she was afraid that they would make her suffer worse tortures to accept this carapace like those which her grandmother had to wear.


However, time did not allow her to continue this train of thought. Pierre had just unlaced and unclipped the corset, and Liane, a tape measure in her hand, advanced on the trembling victim. She slid it round Maguy's waist.


"Seventy-nine centimeters, that's good" she said. "You are going to see what a marvellous shape we are going to give you! How beautiful you are going to be, beautiful enough to make anyone explode with desire! What you are going to suffer will seem to you to be a small price to pay. Besides, to suffer is not really the word, the suffering is delicious in such corsets; when you have acquired the taste, the tightening will seem to you so easy that you yourself, without duress, will ask to be made even smaller.


The poor girl was dumbfounded ; she did not know if she should believe this woman who seemed to her to be less cruel than D'Arban, less beastial than Doumba. She dared not believe these sensual feelings which the woman had described that she would experience. Every minute of the last forty eight hours ran through her mind: her abduction, her debauched husband who had abandoned her, her sad fate which can befall girls, the flogging which had hurt her body and which was followed by her repulsive violation.


During these few moments of respite, Liane had powdered the inside of her corset so that it would slip more easily over her skin during the lacing. Sapho and Claire appproached holding the sheath of silk and steel, then put it on her; it was so long that it went from her knees to her breasts. Claire held the corset round Maguy's waist with her two hands, and Sapho proceded to fit the busk together starting with the top stud.


"Open your legs and pull in your stomach," ordered Liane


She obeyed without understanding, but when the last stud had been slotted into its place, she felt intruding between her thighs a stiff and fairly long object which exercised upon her sex a continuous pressure. Liane squatted, and with her two hands in Maguy's most intimate place she spread with her fingers Maguy's already moist lips, then thrust into the orifice the object which now put a direct pressure on her organs making her shudder with excitement. A low cry escaped the lips of the corseted one.


"This curves backwards" said Sapho to her to calm her fears, "to prevent the corset from riding up; but the master has perfected it; combining function with pleasure, and you will see that when you walk, its attachments are delicious; the obturator, moreover, is removable. Today, I have fitted only a small plug, others are bigger and you will try them all. They come in leather, some are hairy, some hexagonal." Maguy was astounded; the corset was being pulled together at the bottom and her thighs were being squeezed together, one against the other, right down to her knees.




"But how will I be able to walk?" she asked in distress.


D'Arban leapt up from the couch where, with Pierre and Jean, he was relaxing watching the distress of the slave while she was being corseted, and experiencing a sadistic pleasure each time anxiety could be seen on the face of Maguy.


The whip he was holding in his hand flashed through the air. It lashed onto her magnificent bosom, leaving on each pale breast a purple mark.

"Shut up, you bitch!" he shouted. "How dare you ask questions?"


"Please, leave us alone" interrupted Sapho drily, who stood up and faced the doctor.


"Are you defending this slave?" responded D'Arban angrily. "Are you disobeying me as well? Am I to apply the whip to you, or to acquaint you with the delights of my operating theatre?"


"Your threats don't frighten me. There are too many secrets between us for me to take them seriously. Yes, you are the master, and I would not wish to rebell against your authority, but you go too far. This slave has already been thoroughly whipped and she must well understand that any insubordination will be the signal for exquisite tortures. But right now she does not deserve this brutal lash which has marked her bosom. You kill off slaves too quickly with your tortures which I would otherwise watch with pleasure.


"But this bitch, which I would like to make my servant, should not be whipped; unless you reclassify her as a lower order, and then there is nothing that I can do. But that's not what I would like. Flog or torture all the other inmates of your treatment houses, but leave this aristocrat alone to be at my service."


The Countess was stunned, wondering who had abducted her: either the woman for whom she sensed a sudden start of recognition or the doctor who would extract a cruel revenge if he won the argument.


Pierre and Liane, Jean and Claire kept quiet, thinking that there would be no use in exacerbating an argument about a slave. Livid with rage, D'arban left to go to his operating theatre where he would make one of its inmates undergo cruel and terrible tortures.


The door slammed. Ten seconds later it was opened violently.


"Jean!" said the doctor, "Come with me, I need some help. Ah! This will be really cruel, barbarous! How they will scream! It must be just us, I don't want any women, they won't be able to stand it, it will be a truly gothic scene…" The rest of the sentence was lost as D'Arban, followed by Jean went towards the torture chambers.


"Damn you!" shouted Sapho so that the doctor would hear, "We are quite happy here amongst ourselves, aren't we, Liane and Claire?"


... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


The body of Maguy disappeared into the the two parts of the silken sheath of the corset. Her bountiful breasts were pushed up very high by the cups. They made a very suggestive embellishment to the top of the corset. Her knees were clamped together one to the other. To allow her to get into it, the silken corset had been greatly loosened at the back, to about eighty centimeters.


Then Sapho started to pull vigorously on the laces, and her waist shrank under the compression; the two edges of the corset were pulled together as Sapho pulled out about twenty centimerers of lace. While Sapho held onto the laces to prevent them slipping, Clair, on her knees, started to pull on the crossed laces starting at the top.

Maguy's thighs were clamped even more tightly one against the other; her bottom and hips filled out under their covering and stretched the silk which gleamed without a crease. Maguy let herself be carried away by the caress, the massage of satin on her skin. It seemed to her that a balm was soothing her bruises from the terrible flogging by Doumba, when her flesh was seared by lashes from the whip. She thought she had found in this corsetting the remedy for the burning from the whip. And she liked the tightening which she had experienced so far.


Seven more centimeters were won by manipulating the crossed lacing. Claire made a sign to Liane who squeezed her waist with her two hands while putting her knee into the small of Maguy's back and pulled again with all her strength on the crossed laces. Then all at once her waist became round and smaller, her back bent, thrusting her bust forward and her posterior back, emphasising and putting her breasts on show. The slave's breathing came in gasps and her face turned purple; her hands flew to her stomach, or rather to where her stomach had been before it vanished under the compression of the corset; her hands moved to her waist, then to her pubes. Overall, her crushed chest and waist started to hurt, whilst she sensed that every movement caused her sexual parts to be massaged more and more precisely, and more and more firmly; the strange fixture at the bottom of the busk filled her whole being with a bizarre and voluptuous excitement. Before tightening her waist any more, Sapho picked up her tape measure again.




"Fifty three centimeters", she said. "You have already lost 27 centimeters; a little more courage and your corset will be completely closed, your body shaped in accordance with our wishes, and your will similarly bent to ours. It seemed to Maguy that her sides were bruised, her spine bent and her stomach pushed up. Is this not enough, she wondered. But an indefinable type of feeling permeated her body, she almost liked these tortures, the squeezing of her stomach and waist. She loved the busk extension violating the intimacy of her vagina which gave her a strange longing. She delighted in the inflexible pressure of the steel strip on her chest whose leather covered end wielded an influence over her internal organs which made her burn with a voluptuous desire. She wanted this vice which was gripping her to be tightened still further to give her even more intense feelings.


She did not protest and allowed herself to be tightened still further. The three centimeters which remained to be won were more difficult; her greatly compressed waist resisted adamantly, and to overcome this resistance the efforts of Claire and Liane were not enough. They would have to use a more powerful system. A flexible but inextensible steel chain was passed round her waist. In the back, a steel bar was put through the last two links of the chain. Liane started to turn the steel bar which twisted the chain upon itself imposing a tension. The diameter of the chain decreased at the same time reducing also the waist. Nothing could resist this inexhorable system. Maguy's waist yielded, and at the same time Claire pulled on the laces bringing little by little the two edges of the corset together until they finally touched. Sapho tied the laces in a knot, and the countess gasped, ready to faint. Beads of sweat formed on her brow. It seemed to her that her body was being cut in two by this vice of silk and steel. Sapho approached with a bottle of smelling salts and touched her temples with the alcohol. Maguy's legs trembled and a thousand ants seemed to be biting her muscles.


"Now walk!" commanded Sapho.


Maguy took a couple of paces which was not easy for her; her thighs seemed to be tied together and allowed her only tiny paces. Her waist could not move, she was forced when walking to thrust her bust forward which quivvered with each forward and backward movement of her feet. Each time her sex was penetrated more deeply by the obturator whose elasticity increased the pressure. But she scarcely had any time to sense these delights, for Sapho led her with little steps towards the divan on which Maguy was stretched out. Liane moved towards the wardrobe and took out a magnificent pair of gleaming light blue leather boots of the same shade as the satin of the corset. The heels of these boots were of chrome steel, very slender and 15 centimeters in height. She was stretched out on her back near Pierre, who throughout the time Maguy was being corseted did not stop joking with the three Superiors, making fun of Maguy saying that with such a corset and such an obturator, she would be in a permanent state of arousal. So, stretched out, Claire and Liane pulled on the boots using a good amount of talc to help them slide on. Then the lacing started, a slow and meticulous operation; the boots reached up to the knees and the laces started at the toes. It was necessary to pull them up hard so that the leg was perfectly sheathed without a wrinkle.


During this time, Sapho fetched a dress of light blue satin, a maid's white apron and lace cap to be put on Maguy's hair. When she returned, the lacing was almost complete and Pierre had started to move, and with his rough gloves began to rub them all over Maguy's beautiful, tempting breasts. They soon became red and seemed to swell with the nipples hardening. It produced a burning pleasure which could not help but increase the burning ardour of the countess.


"Isn't it attractive, this maid's dress?" said Sapho to her friends. "Now," she said addressing this time the slave, "Come here and admire yourself in the glass."


Maguy was stood up on her feet again. With each pace she held out her arms like a tight rope walker for she thought she would fall. Perched on the minute base of her heels, less than one centimeter in diameter, her instep vertical, the whole weight of her body rested on the ends of her toes, she was like a dancer on her points. Helped by Sapho, she took some little steps. Suddenly she stumbled and fell over.


"Oh! Pardon, Mistress" she said at once, to avoid the whipping she dreaded. "Pardon!"


Already with her tongue she was licking the boots of Sapho. The Shining Superior gave her a dig with her heel into a swelling breast. A cry escaped from her dry throat. But immediately, Magny started again to lick her boots like a well trained dog who flatters her mistress while being beaten, to get back into her good graces. Occasionally she would pause for a moment to ask pardon. Pierre, Claire and Liane enjoyed this humiliation of a slave ready for any abasement for fear of a whipping.


"I will excuse you this time" said Sapho, "but learn to walk otherwise every time you fall I will take it out on that Ruebinesque bust of yours. Do you accept?"


"Yes, Mistress! I accept everything!"


"Will you be an obedient servant ready to satisfy my desires whatever they may be?"


"Yes, Mistress! For you have let me know of a continuing pleasure thanks to this ingenious corset which tortures while exciting desires."


"Will you satisfy the desires of my friends? Are you dead to the world? Have you forgotten the treachery of your husband, your gigolos who laughed at you? Will you obey my wishes even to your death if I should wish it?"


"Yes, dear Mistress! Although I am suffering, I know that it is only desire"


Maguy knew truly what she was saying, she knew that up to now her life had been without pleasures nor moreover without pain. Now she had one and the other. Besides, she knew that it would be futile to act otherwise even if one day she had a dream of escaping.


"So. Come on this divan." said Sophie. "Your job is starting."


Maguy moved with tiny paces towards the divan. On a chair she placed her blue dress, the white frilly apron and the maid's cap which she had so recently put on and which made her look like a real maid in blue, booted and corseted from her knees to her breasts beneath her dress. Reaching the divan, she let her self fall along its length, and lay there on her back.


Sapho approached and lowered her large bottom onto the face of her slave. Magny was almost suffocated, but she had to satisfy the lesbian desires of her mistress. And she had to take a liking to the heavy flesh of her mistress which crushed he face while she tried in her new role to show her expertise in the art of secret kisses. Claire bestrode her, sitting on her stomach (or at least on what had been her stomach). She bounced up and down every second like a rider on a horse. This regular movement resulted in a titilation of the busk. Maguy's sexual ardour was aroused and her desire grew; she too wanted to enjoy a voluptuous experience; her whole being trembled, she increased the vigour of the kisses she was bestowing on her mistress whose posterior was crushing her face. That pleased Sapho, and to please her more, Claire increased her bouncing while her mouth sought that of Sapho and while their hands caressed each other's breasts. Suddenly the body of Sapho trembled voluptuously, and Maguy experienced a similar pleasure to have pleased her mistress so. A sweet intoxication filled her whole body, squeezed in its vice of a corset.


"Well," said Pierre, who in another part of the divan had just masturbated Liane, "You three haven't been bored. You all have had your thrills!"


It was true. A strange emotion had gripped Maguy, who was happy to have penetrated the secret parts of her mistress; she felt bound to her, happy to have been whipped by Doumba, then corseted by Sapho, happy to have been nearly suffocated under the Superior's derriere and to have experienced that glowing thrill throughout her whole being.


To thank her mistress, she dared speak: "Oh, Mistress, I will always be faithful."


Sapho, pleased to have discovered such an expert and depraved servant, stretched out on the divan, allowing Maguy to breathe easily again.


"I should hope so!" she said to Maguy. But you know what that means: frequent changing of your corset, total satisfaction of all my desires, and then from time to time a good thrashing on your naked bottom."


"I would like that, Mistress, when it is you who gives it to me, or perhaps Claire or Liane."


"You'll have to" said Sapho. "And now, let us go and surprise D'Arban and Jean.

"Maguy! Come with us! You shall follow us like a faithful dog!"


The slave put back on her dress, apron and cap. Similarly, the three Shining Superiors started to put on their supple leather corselettes which moulded them without a crease from the bottom of their breasts to mid-thigh. Between their legs, a line of mother-of-pearl buttons ran from their coccyx to their navels making a bright line against the black of their corselettes. They changed their boots, putting on some which reached to just below the knee. This left a light coloured area of very desirable flesh between the boots and the bottom of the corselettes, the nakedness of this flesh being highlighted by the little satin frills which adorned the tops of the boots and the bottoms of the legs of the corselettes.


Just looking at these costumes excited each one of the Shining Superiors as well as Maguy who helped these mistresses of hers to dress. She helped them put on the full nurses' blouses and black leather helmets like those worn by surgeons during operations. Pierre, too, put on a white shirt. Then, ready at last, the little group moved off through the corridors and descended towards the second basement. Maguy followed her mistresses walking with tiny, mincing paces, but decending the stairs was made even more difficult when Maguy could feel again intrusion of the obturator. The sense of excitation grew and could not fail to increase the sensual intoxication which suffused her whole body.


"You'll get used to it" said Sapho casually, "In a week, if we take off your corset completely, you will feel as if you have been split by this obturator. Every woman who has worn it knows that it imparts an uninterrupted sense of voluptuousness, as necessary to life as food and drink."


Reaching the second basement, they heard terrible cries.




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